Shsh for iOS 7 Apple TV 2

I’ve been trying to save my SHSH’s for all my iOS devices. I’m using the latest TinyUmbrella 704 and it gets them for my iPad and iPhone but not the Apple TV 2’s it stops at at 5.1 which is iOS 6xx. I’m trying to be ready as soon as they get the iOS 7 JB for the ATV2. Any ideas?

I´ve just made it with Ifaith. After the untethered it works with the Button to catch ne now signed SHSH

I cannot save my 5.3 blobs with iFaith?

I tried also  seasonpass, also no luck!


Did you try to dump your Blobs or did you take the Button “Show available SHSH on Server cache”? The second Button works at my device

I used the button dump shsh blobs, when i click show available shsh caches, I see only the older blob version, until 5,2


But no 5.3

Try this way

Open Ifaith

go to Show Available SHSH Caches on Server

Connect your Device and say Yes

and then


Fetch the latest SHSH blobs Apple is actively signing


If this don´t work, i don´t know how you can fetch them