SHSH for 4.3 8F455 and Version 4.3 8F305 the same?



i’ve just got my Apple TV2 and tried to get the SHSH for the latest 4.3 Release (8F455) but Tiny Umbrella only gave me the SHSH Blobs for 4.3 8F305 (the one before the last firmware)

But i’ve already read in this forum that users downgraded from 8F455 to 8F305 without TinyUmbrella so that Apple signed the downgrade. So my question is: Are the SHSH Blobs for 8F455 and 8F305 the same? Can i use the 8F305 SHSH Bloby for downgrading back to 8F455 in the future (after iOS 5 release)?

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This is also my question.
Does anybody know this?

For some reason TinyUmbrella does not yet support the 8F455 version.  :frowning: