SHSH downgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.3?

Hello everyone,


I have a stock 4.4.x ATV2 which we all can JB tethered, can i save the SHSH blobs on 4.4.x with tinyumbrella after the tethered JB and downgrade to 4.3 to rejailbreak and obtain a untethered one? is this possible?


Thanks in advance!

You should not need to worry about SHSH blobs. Simply tell SeasonPass to produce a 4.3 jailbreak, and restore that. You will only need your blobs when Apple stops signing the 4.3 firmware.

I agree no need to back up, i used the current season pass yesterday to break an ATV2 that i had updated 4.4 to play around with mirroring, its now back on 4.3 & jailbroken


Im so curious, i shall try this once i am in possesion of the newer types.



has apple stopped signing 4.3? I am trying to downgrade after jailbreak to 4.4.3 using snowbreeze to 4.3 and it was working fine a week ago but now it is giving me error 20. Is there a way to do the downgrade using tinyumbrella still? I just dont wanna do a theathered jailbreak, i want it untherehred.

anyhelp is appreciate

I can’t seem to downgrade either. It says my device is not eligible for the selected build.


Have they stopped signing 4.3?

I don’t think that Apple stopped signing because i was able to Jailbreak 2 appletv’s today which were on 4.3. However the firmware is still signing during that process. Check your errors or try iReb R4 and do the update/downgrade manually.

I am trying to downgrade OOB ATV2’s running on 4.4.2. Do I need previous SHSH blobs? Or can I just manually select the 4.3 ipsw in tunes and restore?

Like they told me above, it is possible.

I got it going. For anyone with the same issue, use build the 4.3 build of 8F455.

The 4.3 build I was being unsuccessful with was 8F191m. I tried 4.3 build 8F455 and it works! Thanks for your help.

Is apple still signing 4.3?

100% sure they are. Just jailbroke one 1min ago currently working on another atm.

thanks for that forgot to tell u… Does anybody still know if they are currently still signing?   My friend is bring his jailbroken ATV2 over its running 4.2.2… Should he stay at 4.2.2 or go to 4.3.3.

Just purchased one from Best Buy today.  It had 4.4.3, I downloaded the AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F455_Restore.ipsw, ran Season Pass to create the custom IPSW. It asked to restore through iTunes and worked like a charm.  Untethered is my favorite word of the day.

Mine TOO

4.4.x Jailbreak (untethered) will come in a few days. Firecore/NitoTV announced that a new Seas0npass is in the works, why downgrade now? Wait a few days for the new untether!

I wanted to, but it’s a gift for my dad so I wanted him to have it right away.  If anything, I’ll just update it later for him.