Shows not syncing on infuse 6.5 tvOS 14

Since updating to tvOS 14 none of my tv shows will cloud sync to each other. My iPhone is on 13.7 both my 4k Apple TV’s are tvOS 14 and as soon as I updated them the shows stopped syncing.

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I’m guessing you mean the watched status isn’t syncing. If not please explain a bit more as to what you are meaning.


First I’d check to make sure you’re logged into the same account for both iCloud and the app store on all devices.

Second, make sure iCloud sync is still turned on in all devices.

Third, I don’t know for sure but I’d recommend you update to 14 on everything just to make sure it’s all on equal ground.

After this if they still don’t appear to be syncing, you can trying clicking on the sync button on the main screen.

It’s definitely is 14 on both and both are still signed in with sync enabled on both. I cannot update my phone but I’m 100% that the cloud sync worked literally 10 minutes before I did tvOS 14 and definitely isn’t now. And yes I mean the watched sync

Did you try doing the sync manually?

Also, it’s not just signed in, it’s signed in to the same account in both places on both units.

I’m aware thank you. It is, none of the settings changed from before when it was working I triple checked, I manually synced the watches shows and movies will not sync to where I can continue where I left off on the other device.

When you first launch Infuse and go immediately to Settings > Library where you see the total number of movies, tv shows, and others there is a status message at the bottom of the screen, does it go through the checking, fetching, and then the Syncing with iCloud until it gets to a message that says “Last Updated…”?

Yes it does

When it reaches the “Last updated…” message after it does an iCloud sync can you let it sit there on that screen for a couple of minutes and see if it starts another iCloud sync by itself?

I did it and it said last updated today 9:36 and then at 9:40 it started again and finished but stayed at finished 9:36 when it completed

I’m not quite sure why but sometimes especially after a version update it will sync multiple times to get all the info synced among all devices. You may have to do that with all the devices that were updated to 6.5. I usually let it go until it sits on the Last updated message for at least 5 minutes. After that it seems to keep up.

Thank you for your help but it appears that the issue was that the update finally maxed out my iCloud. Once I cleared up some space and and force synced it started syncing up.

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Outstanding! Glad you figured it out. :+1:

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