Shows being automatically deleted after viewing

Very peculiar thing going on today. I just got around to updating and jail breaking to the latest software. Did this on Sunday last week. Noticed today that shows we have watched are now being deleted from the shows list. This doesn’t really bother me in TV shows that we have, but on the movies we have for the kids, I am a little concerned. Use to just show no blue circle next to title after we watched one, but now the titles are gone.

I’m just streaming from my iMac into the ATV 2nd generation. No NAS or anything, went through settings and did not see anything new.

In list view you can select to view “All”, “Watched” or “Unwatched”. I suspect that you currently have it set to display “Unwatched”, and so once you have watched a film/ episode, it disappears from the Unwatched list.

Thanks I’m an idiot today. Didn’t even realized I was on the wrong setting.