Showing Jellyfin Media directories in Infuse


the Jellyfin client on iOS shows the media directories in the GUI (see the attached screenshots). I have not found this option in Infuse yet.

Is it possible?

Best Regards

You can browse the Jellyfin server directly by accessing the server via the Files tab in Infuse for iOS.

Yes, that works. But it’s not possible to show the media directories directly on the startpage (as the jellyfin client does). I have to do one more click in the tvos app to get to the media directories. Right?

This isn’t possible on iOS, sorry.

You can of course add items to the Home Screen which would be category based. For example, All TV Shows, All Movies, etc… This would be content from your Jellyfin server that has been organized into Infuse’s library.

On Apple TV, you could add these as favorites. This would a single icon for each folder, but the rows of content are limited to displaying content from the Infuse library.

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