[Showcase] Favorite icon artwork

To customize the look and feel of Infuse on Apple TV you can display your own artwork for Favorites displayed on the home screen. The link below aims to provide a showcase of user-created samples from which to choose from.

Master showcase link

How do I add favorite tile images?
Option 1. Add an image named favorite-atv.jpg (png works too) to the folder which is set as a favorite. Optimal resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Option 2. Long-press on a Favorite and click the Select Artwork option to browse for an image.

PS - If you are interested in having your images added to the master showcase link, just drop me a PM.

PPS - Big thanks to xoniq for the inspiration for this thread. :smiley:


For those who wonder how to create artworks themselves, the “Assembly” app for iOS is a good start :slight_smile:

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Thx for sharing. Looks pretty good.

I use Sketch on my Mac, but it is nog a free app, but great for vector/icon/layout design.

Offtopic : Interface

Mmm, thinking about this proposal… How sounds 2 options about the splash screen:

  • If the image looks like a icon (like upper here), then show it without background color neither shadow, only zoom.
  • If image is a picture, then let it be.

For favorite image to show, you must use SMB sharing, it doesn’t work with dlna sharing, I know because, I had that problem.

Here are mines :slight_smile:

These are great!! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: (V)(;,;)(V)

These are really awesome. Feel free to say no or whatever, but I really like your movies and tv icons, but also have two folders called Still In Theaters (for movies currently in theaters) as well as a downloads folder (for things just downloaded and not put into a different folder yet). For the downloads one I was thinking just like an arrow pointing down or something. For the theaters one not sure, maybe popcorn? If you have the time and are interested in making some more backgrounds I would really appreciate it? It wouldn’t look right to only have your icon style for some of my folders. I have been trying to recreate your icons but have had little luck. Either way thanks!

Sure! I’ll do that :slight_smile: (if you were speaking to me…)

My first attempt…


My contribution :slight_smile:

I hope you like them…

Nice! What app did you use?

Photoshop :slight_smile:

And for music videos genre folder:


Sure! I’ll do that :slight_smile: (if you were speaking to me…)[/quote]

Just saw them in your dropbox. Awesome work! Thanks so much really appreciate it!

Sure! I’ll do that :slight_smile: (if you were speaking to me…)[/quote]

Just saw them in your dropbox. Awesome work! Thanks so much really appreciate it![/quote]

My pleasure :slight_smile:


Nice, I was just coming here to ask if any one had a good source of folder images for both TV and Movies. I wanted to add them to my organization to make things look better. The folder screens looks bland compared to the rest of the app since it’s all the same folder icon. If anyone has any other sources for them I’d love to see them too.