Show with foreign character in title gets ID as name

I have a show that uses a “Ø” in the title:

It gets scanned and categorized properly, but the show is listed as “80289” (the TVDB ID) instead of the actual name of the show. The episodes are named properly even though some of them also have non-english characters.

Is there any way to fix this?

I just did a test with this as the file name “Mot i brøstet.S01E01.mkv” and it pulled up the right name (not the id number) and metadata.

How do you have the filed named?

This might be of interest: Metadata Issue - two talk shows

Just testet naming one episode like you did, and nothing changed.

Mine are named: Mot i brøstet - S01E02 - På ære og samvittighet

Show name - season - episode name

Looks like he never solved it :confused:

Actually you didn’t name it as I had shown, you have a space then a dash and then another space between brøstet and S01E02 and then you have the same space/dash/space between S01E02 and På.

This will cause problems often since Infuse sees spaces, dashes, and periods all as spaces so you have multiple spaces in groups and that probably won’t work. If you copy and paste the “Mot i brøstet.S01E01.mkv” and just change the season number and episode number when necessary you should be working fine. You can also change the MKV to what ever extension you are using.

Getting in the habit of replacing all spaces and characters that are accepted as spaces with periods will help solve many naming issues.

I meant that I tried naming one episode like you did and it didnt work. The others (and the one, before changing it) is named like I wrote in the previous post

Well I just went back and recreated the files with the name I provided and started fresh on a different ATV and it worked as advertised. I would say change all of the file names in a season folder not just one and give the library a chance to complete the scan.

I did two seasons with 5 episodes each and it pulled all the correct info and graphics.