Show watched/unwatched episode count

Love the app and the Plex integration is fantastic. One thing that I miss hugely from Plex is the ability to quickly look at my Tv shows and you clearly see what you have watched and how many eps are unwarched in the tv show page.

Can we get this in Infuse please?



Moving to suggestions for now. Thanks!

That’s a feature I miss the most coming from Plex. When you have a large number of series on going, it helps to keep track of what’s ongoing, when a new episode arrived.

I miss that feature too. The percentage wheel is not very helpful when you are trying to determine how many episodes are unwatched…

For TV shows it would be very helpful to show the actual number of unwatched episodes under the pie chart on the poster or even instead of the pie chart.

That would make it easier to select which show to watch if you had to limit your viewing times.


I know this won’t be popular for everyone, but I’d like a ‘total episode count’ to be displayed for each season I have. There has been a request for remaining number of episodes to watch, but this suggestion would be for how many episodes are actually in the season folder.

Currently I’ve done this by making my own on the season folder images, and I feel like it sits well with the overall look of the system.

Sorry for the quality of the example image, I don’t have a Mac so can’t take screenshots directly from my AppleTV.

My request is not the same as the request it’s been merged with.

The thread title was modified to match your suggestion. I like the idea of showing both!

Roger that.