Show Total Number of Movies Included in Collections

Infuse should show the total number of movies that make a collection even if you don’t have them all.

Currently, Infuse shows “x items” below the collection posters. This should be “x items of x”.

For example, The Hunger Games collection has 4 movies in it but if you only had 2 of the 4 movies it’d show “2 items of 4” below the collection poster.

And yes, if you happened to have 4 of the same movies with different resolutions or versions of each of those two titles you have it’d still show “2 items of 4” below the collection poster.


Interesting idea, but this may be misleading for a number of collections which have announced, but not yet released titles, as these unreleased titles already have info pages on TMDB.

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I thought about that but it would still be interesting to know the franchise is still in development.

It would also still give you the insight to see which collections you have complete when looking for a REAL binge session.

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Now where have I just seen those two random collections together before? :upside_down_face:

There is NO such thing as coincidence. LOL

I figure now is the time to refine the collections since they’re front and center in the spotlight. :wink:

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I agree with @james that the existence of so many ‘aspirational’ collections on TMDB makes implementation less easy than it otherwise could be … but I too have wondered if there might be a better way to represent information regarding any ‘incomplete’ collections in a given library … but I struggle to conceive of the best way to do that.

Probably most of my incomplete collections are incomplete because I’m choosing definitively not to acquire all of the inferior subsequent films that often pad many inconsistent franchises out. Any visual indication that I have something “incomplete” in my library, however, will likely drive my OCD bonkers and push me to download crap I’d never watch again in a million years just to get rid of the (hey, you! look at me! I’m incomplete!!!) “2 of 6” label that my eyes will involuntarily lock onto every time I browse the library till smoke starts coming out of my ears. :flushed::crazy_face:

So please, let’s not do that. :laughing:

I’ve thought a subtle link to the collection page at TMDB (probably awkward and unworkable on iOS) or grayed-out posters of the “missing” movies in the bottom row … to the far right of the (normal, colorized) poster-links to all the other collection titles actually in my library would be the best way of relating the info gracefully, without driving me insane.

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To quote another beta tester “Just add an option to turn it off!”

I don’t know what the API can query for collections so for me just knowing the number would be a help. I’ll go to TMDB anyway to get the specifics. :wink:

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@james really seems to not want to do that sort of thing.

I was thinking something like this (if I didn’t have the second trash film):

(Maybe also darker, or blurry, so it isn’t confused for a black & white poster?)

Side note: shocking how bad “free” image editors are on iPhone these days. I can’t just frigging draw a box on a photo and selectively desaturate that section anymore? Really??? I could do that 15 years ago. Downloaded 10 apps that claimed to be able to do this. None could do that single stupid thing.

Really makes you appreciate how good an app Infuse really is, for what it’s worth.

I agree, if some had their way we’d need a companion app just for the options.

Or maybe back to basics and just a diagonal red “NO” line?

I just mocked it up and I think it at the thickness it would need to be to be visible, it blocks the art enough to make it hard to identify the movie it’s supposed to be showing you you’re missing.

And the photo would still have to be black and white because busy and bright, full-color posters might drown out the line anyway. My opinion. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve always been partial to app UIs that provide a discreet “expert” toggle to reveal settings only of interest to ‘power users’ while keeping the main settings page short and simple for everyday users who don’t sweat the small things.

I believe an app like this could especially benefit from such an ethos; given the prevalence of OCD-afflicted data hoarders who seek out these sorts of collection management apps.

With the changing display in Infuse it seems like a great time to add the “x of x” numbers of movies in a collection.

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