Show SRT Subtitles With Just the Language


When I used to use VLC, I could put the SRT subtitle file in the same folder with the same name as the movie, adding _[Language] to the end and VLC would just show the subtitle as [Language]. For example,

How can I do this in Infuse? They always show up as the full filename.

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You might want to try the format in the users guide, It’s worked for me the few times I’ve had to use it.

For your example it’d be

Make sure it’s located in the same folder as the move too as stated in the users guide.

(Also if you’re not currently using it I’d suggest you use the year too for movies. It helps a lot for getting things right the first time)

I just went through and tested this and I agree, Infuse should show just the language on the subtitle menu, not the entire file name. It’s fine to have that naming conviction but you “know” what movie you’re watching so you don’t need any more other than the language. :+1:

I think it should be like this.

How you have the files named.
SRT Subs test files

What Infuse currently does.

What I think it “should” do.

I’ll move this to suggestions. :wink:

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I think the reason that infuse shows the filename is when people have multiple subtitles downloaded in the same language. I regularly see two subtitles in most movies plus commentary ones. Or if someone manually downloaded a new one to try. But yes, maybe show language first then filename?

If you already have the subtitle file downloaded and in the same directory as the movie with the name of the movie as part of the file name why would you need to see it at all? If its a different movie it’d have a different name and thus the subs would also be named different.