Show server location on aTV media

I have what I hope is a very simple request.

So I use Infuse 6 with multiple plex shares on both iOS and aTV 4K but noticed that on iOS, the server location is visible when viewing media’s page but not on aTV4 (see attachment). I’d really like to see it there as well as I don’t watch as much on my iOS devices. This is especially handy when there’s duplicate media in search results - if there’s a server I’m more inclined to use, I can see without having to guess or pull up the Plex app.

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Would like the same. I have 3 remote access. My movie folder shows three same movie names. I have to second guess or go to their separate folder to find the exact file.

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Any update? It’s really annoying to getting back to plex to find which server I am playing from. This should be really simple to implement, it’s already been implemented in iOS.


This is available in Infuse 6.4, which was released today.

Enjoy! :smiley:

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