Show series folders with no episodes?

Is it somehow possible to display all series folders stored on disk, even when there are no episodes in there at the moment?

I find it strange that having watched and removed the last available episode in a folder, that the series is no longer available in the list view. Especially when the show is running and new episodes will arrive.

If you’re browsing directly via folders, then all folders (even empty ones) should be visible.

Empty folders are hidden while browsing through the Library.

Is it possible to add an option to the settings to enable showing tv series with no current episodes in them? I still want to see the series listed in my library, even when it has no item in it at the moment.

I personally find it strange that not everything is shown, when the .nfo files are actually there. I watched an episode of a tv show. After I watched, I removed it and the suddenly the show was removed the de library. Not the kind of experience I expected to happen.

An extra option to enable/disable it would be really welcome.

Checked it. Browsing folders in Infuse does not show series without an episode in it. Not in the library and not in the tv-series library.

On the flip side, it would be a little weird if there were a bunch of empty series listed in the library. I guess having these visible is a personal preference.

If you prefer to keep empty series visible in the library you can put create an empty text file (or any file) and name it like a tv episode (with a video extension like mp4, mkv, etc…). This wouldn’t be playable, but would allow the series to appear in the library.

Coming from Kodi, it’s not strange at all. In my opinion it is normal to see all series folders.

Therefor an option to enable/disables the viewing of those series would be a nice feature.

Personally, if I don’t have any episodes of a series I do not want to take up space seeing an empty place holder. This is one of the big reasons I think Infuse shines over simple players.