Show season number when season has a name?

So, just 4 days ago there was an update where seasons are now identified by name, rather than just “Season 2”, if TheMovieDB has a named season:

And I can understand why some people like that, but for me it’s very strange and harms more than it helps. I was confused why Season 2 suddenly seemed to be missing from Atlanta, for me, for example:

In my head, I feel lost if I don’t know the number of a season, and it’s not immediately obvious if I have all of the seasons, if I’m missing the first one or a middle one or the last one, etc.

So I think the idea of season titles is great, but I think it would be far more helpful if they could be prefixed with the actual number. So that if you look at “One Piece”:

Rather than seasons listed like this, where it’s unclear if they’re in order or if any are missing:

  • East Blue Arc
  • Whiskey Peak & Little Garden Arcs
  • Drum Island Arc

They would be listed:

  • Season 1: East Blue Arc
  • Season 2: Whiskey Peak & Little Garden Arcs
  • Season 3: Drum Island Arc

Or alternatively, if that’s too much space, simply:

    1. East Blue Arc
    1. Whiskey Peak & Little Garden Arcs
    1. Drum Island Arc



Having an option to show the season numbers with the names would be nice.


No, thank you! Great post.