Show random items in Up Next List

When I have no items ‘in-progress’ Up Next simply shows me my recently added files.
This would be useful if not for the fact that literally right beneath it is the dedicated Recently Added pane, which currently duplicates information which is right above it.

A suggestion:
As many of us will have hundreds if not thousands of items in our libraries, it may be more useful for the 10 Up Next thumbnails to be randomly selected content.
This line-up could change daily/at launch/re-sync and so could constantly offer us suggestions of what to watch on a given day.

Content release dates could aid these suggestions, i.e, ‘today is Casablanca’s 75th anniversary’ so Casablanca would be displayed if it’s within our libraries. Or ‘today is Howard Hawk’s birthday’ so all tiles could be used to suggest any Howard Hawks films we may have in our libraries on this particular day.

I would certainly welcome randomly selected tiles which may remind me of something in my library I might have overlooked or not viewed for a long time over the current recently added selections.

Thanks for the idea. Moving to suggestions for now. :slight_smile:

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