Show Poster instead of Fanart in Main Menu?


is it possible to switch the view in the main menu for the top area (Watching, Recently added) from Fanart to Poster?
If it is not possible at the moment, I would like to request this as a feature.

In the attached Screenshot I have marked the area I am talking about.


Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

Please implement this!

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Looks like there is not much love for this.
Any way to see if a suggestion is somehow being worked on, considered to be implemented or dropped?

The top tacked thread in the Suggestions sub-forum has a list of new features that are currently in the works. You can see that here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

That thread is updated often and has the date of last update listed in the title.

As a general rule of thumb, the more likes the suggestion post gets the more likely it is to make it to the consideration phase. That’s not to guarantee that just because a suggestion gets a bunch of likes it will automatically get implemented, but it will get considered.

You can see how many likes a post has when you scroll through the suggestions forum and see the green “likes” on your thread it’s “+2 likes”

That’s just how I see it, I’m not an employee of Firecore so I don’t have insider info to the really fun stuff.

+1 from me