Show personal rating

I just rated a movie in Infuse 4.1 for tvOS, but my rating is nowhere to find. I can see the overall rating in the top left, but not my own. Clicking the “heart-button” let me rate the movie again, though doesn’t show my previous rating nor that a previous rating exist.

It would be nice if you could include this feature in a future release.

Thank you for an awesome app!

This is in the works for 4.2. :wink:


Thank you the quick response.

I bumped two other threads regarding a trailer-button for movies. In the making or not considered? If not, not ever, or just not for the moment?

It’s something we’d like to look at in the future, but not something we’re working on for 4.2.

Ok, then it’s most probably coming. Good enough :slight_smile:

Thanks again!