Show number of files in list view

I use the list view option to display all my tv-series. I like that one the most. However, there is one but. I have series that I have watched and therefor the folders are empty, waiting for new content. I like them all to be displayed so that is fine.

However, I have no clue of what tv series have episodes left and which not. It would be great to have the number of available files in the list view (Like you have in Kodi). That makes it more easy to navigate and see what you still can watch and actually has episodes.

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The library view will show when you have unwatched episodes.

Just a suggestion.

Correct, but I prefer the list view. And the list view does not have this option

I use list in Library. Perhaps we’re using the term “List” in different ways.

What features do you miss when using library? Library even shows when there are unwatched by season as well as by entire series.

Ok, to make sure we mena the same:

I don’t use Plex as a backend. I have a NAS with a folder shared over NFS.

So, I have added the folder that cointains the tv shows to Infuse 5. In the settings of Infuse 5 I have set the “List view” on. (I have a different language so I hope I translated it correctly).

Now when you go to the TV shows on the main screen, after the indexing is done, you see a list with all tv shows. This works fine including the artwork.

However, here also starts my problem. I have no clue or whatsoever on how many episodes I have on my NAS per show. The list does not show this. So I can not see what I have left to watch.

Same for when you enter a tv show. I see the listing of the seasons. Like season 1, season 2 and season 3. Also here I can not see if I have actually episodes (files) left in them to watch.

I would like Infuse to display the amount of files/episodes in the list view as well, so I don’t have to browse though then in order to see if I have something left to watch.

I have added a screenshot of Infuse and Kodi. Hopefully that will explain what I am looking for.



While not as detailed as Kodi, Infuse uses a “pie” icon next to each TV series and each season. If you notice on your Buying Alaska pic you see that only season three has a small wedge taken out that shows that you still have episodes in season three. Both season one and two are solid so you have not watched any episodes in those. When a season is completed there will be a check mark inside the pie.

This will also reflect on the TV series pie. If you have episodes left in any season it will show a portion of the pie relative to the amount of total episodes left to watch with a check mark indicating you have watched all of the available episodes of the series.

As a side note, you can long press on a season folder and mark the entire season as watched or unwatched so if you wanted to see what the pie looks like when the season is all watched you can change it back and forth there.

Does this help?

And we are both using library and list view so we’re are talking about the same thing. :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean and saying. However, i’d still prefer the numbers to make it more clear.

It’s my suggestion for making Infuse more user friendly. :slight_smile:

Super! Just wanted to make sure you knew about what’s currently available.

Honestly I kind of like the number idea too.

Glad you like it too! :slight_smile: Hopefully something will be done with it. Like how Infuse works on the Apple TV. This last thing would make it perfect for me.

Still not implemented right?