Show names with a colon

I’ve got a folder called “Star Trek The Next Generation”.
The show is called “Star Trek: The Next Generation” but most OSs don’t allow for a folder with a ‘:’ in the name.
I’m trying to find out how to name the folder for InFuse to succeed in pullling coverart.
I’ve tried “Star Trek The Next Generation”, “Star Trek - The Next Generation”, and “Star Trek | The Next Generation”.
What should I call this folder?

If you’re browsing via the Library in Infuse it won’t really matter what the folders are named. Infuse will look at the filenames themselves, and as long as those can be matched correctly it will create its own series/season folders with the correct series titles (as they appear on TheTVDb).

But to answer your question, personally, I’d use ‘Star Trek - The Next Generation’. :wink: