Show my "real" dvds

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks a lot to the firecore team, the atv flash is really cool.

Here’s my problem, I have more than 300 dvds and I don’t want to rip them all, because of HDD space and I want to keep the quality of dvd.

I just want to show them virtually in the ATV so I can choose what movie I will watch, then if I click on it, I could see that it is a real DVD.

Is that possible ?

Thanks a lot

What I did is that I created a folder called DVD. Inside the folder I’ve created a file (.txt), which I renamed to e.g. Armageddon.1998.vod and I did it with all of my DVDs. Added this folder to library and ot works just great for me. What woud be great is if it could show soke kind of mark that this one is DVD.

Thanks for the answer but it doesn’t work for me. I put a DVD folder in the folder where are my movies. I created multiple files with names like Matrix.vod.txt or Matrix.vod but nothing appear in my library. When I go in the folder with Media, I just have an empty folder.

You do it in Media ?


That’s because of 2 reasons.

  1. I meant vob
  2. Don’t add the .txt just movie.vob

Thanks a lot ! It works !!!