Show More Than 30 Movies In Unwatched List On Home Screen

There are 50 movies that are not watched on my hard drive. However, there are 30 movies on the main screen as not watched movies. I looked at all the movies there are 50 movies marked as unwatched. Can’t the numbers seen on the main screen be increased?

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You can display all of your unwatched movies.

Go to the Library favorite on the home screen, select “Movies”, then scroll down to “Unwatched”, long press on that, and select “Add to Favorites”

That will give you a favorite on the home screen that will display all of your unwatched movies.

I believe the reason they limit the “List” view to 30 is that for those with large numbers of unwatched videos it would be too much to load in the home page to keep within the memory available for that screen. I’m guessing that’s why they limit them to 30 items.