Show more specific Dolby Atmos/Vision codec tags

Please have option to show tags/details for Dolby Vision (profile 7) and Dolby Atmos (TrueHd) even if Infuse can’t play them. I guess HDR10+ and DTS:X too. This helps me determine if I need to use another player for specific titles. This can maybe be down below where other movie details are if you don’t want the badges in the main section.

And to reiterate I am not talking about profile 5 Dolby Vision or Dolby digital plus EAC3 tracks.


This is against the interest of Infuse, isn’t it?

It would advertise against itself to non-technical users that expect Infuse to “play everything I throw at it”.

Yes that’s why I said it should be an option for people who want more details.

Would be interesting to see how the Swiftfin app from Jellyfin project turns out. They are focusing on building native apps from the ground up using modern technologies for the Apple ecosystem, and support direct play.

Aside from what you said, I really want multi-user support.

Is it possible to display Dolby Atmos vs. Dolby TrueHD for stand alone media files (same request for DTS:X vs DTS-HD MA)?


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Infuse is currently only showing what can play for users. Considering Apple TV cannot play these it could become confusing for people. Do you have suggestion to improve this? I personally would like to see that info in my library without having to run media info on each file every time. I know what my system can and cannot play.


@munpip214, for instance, on my Apple TV 4K, Top Gun 4k shows TrueHD 7.1 and it would be nice to show Dolby Atmos instead.


Wasn’t sure what engine Infuse uses to extract media info.


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Infuse doesn’t support Atmos via TrueHD so that it would be really confusing showing it in the info.

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True but for some of us it would be nice to still have all our media in infuse and show the true codecs even if it can’t be played. Then I could filter by atmos or Dolby vision and I personally would know to use the blu-ray player/shield to be able to play these. I think it would require a setting to enable this. Like I said before too it would be confusing to have on by default but still useful.

It’s probably using codec ID. Unfortunately codecID displays A_TRUEHD whether it has atmos or not (its the same ID). Same thing with Dolby digital. It uses A_EAC3

Apple is responsable for this,not Infuse app.I use a 4K Apple Tv.Movies work only with Dolby Digital Plus with Atmos(appears on the display of the receiver:Dolby Atmos.With Dolby True HD with Atmos shows Multichannel 7.1).Perhaps if Firecore asked Apple?In time: Receiver Onkyo TX-NR676.

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