Show more of the beauty of fanart

Fanart is currently heavily blurred. Allow user to decided how much blur they like to have


no one want to have this to?

Yes, I would love to have -more- blur ;). Just to give color to backgrounds, like in Plex. I find the actual half-blur distracting.

Sorry I would also like more blur! like plex and iTunes movies, the background just feels more colourful, and text is easier to read.

At my age, I see plenty of blur. :wink:

If not I just take my glasses off.

I don’t even see where the screen is if I take my glasses off ?

I’d like more blurred background but I can understand why someone would want less too so maybe have 3 levels e.g. no blur, light and heavy blur.

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I would love to see percentage blurr rate instead of being bound to three fixed levels

Yes please

If they is a way to control the blur percentage is the great idea.

Else something did like Emby is pretty awesome.

Plex design is some how the worst to me, too blur and make the screen look boring. Plex design in Android TV OS wise is showing the full image and did the best without affecting the wording because it is written in below and blur that part.

The ability to control Blur % would be great


just for ask again, can we have, maybe as option, a iTunes theme for fan art and also have icon for 4k, Dolby vision/atmos HDR. Just like in the picture.


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Any news on this?

A percentage to show more back ground would be great. Also 4K icons etc. Infuse 6 on the ipad shows the format for resolution and audio In text at the bottom but the iphone shows nothing so you cant tell the format or audio.

Another vote here for MORE blur please. The text now is often illegible due to fanart distracting the background :frowning:

I prefer fanart instead of blurried background

Let the user choose how he want to use Infuse

With blurried effect or No.

Its simple action and everybody will be Happy !!!

Is it possible to have casting actor with photo for thé futur Please

Blur or no blur what I miss is background images 100% visible in any form. Posters are boring.

Really want this.

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