Show missing in infuse but exists in TVDB

First, Infuse uses TMDB for both TV shows and movies so that’s where you’ll find the info on things like this. Infuse no longer uses TVDB.

This TV show is listed as multiple “miniseries” on TMDB and the one your looking at is shown here on TMDB

You’ll want to name your files for this in this format.
“The Haunting of Hill House 2018 S01E01.mkv”


I manually can’t set the metadata to this show’s name. It doesn’t show up on the lists. I prefer not to change the original file names, for subtitle purposes.

The file name is what determines whether Infuse API searches the tv database or the movie database if you don’t have the correct name format specified for Infuse (one that includes the S01E01 specifier) then you won’t get the matches for the show. It will search the movie database.

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