Show media on top shelf with Parental Controls enabled

When certain apps are set in the top shelf on an Apple TV, they have additional media options. For example, music and photos show latest music and photos. Is there a way to have infuse show latest media or next up when it’s in the top shelf row?

It should show what’s up next. There might be problems with having multiple versions of infuse though. Maybe try opening closing a couple times. Moving it around. Restating the Apple TV.

I only have infuse 7 installed. For me it just shows the infuse logo. Tried rebooting multiple times.

You need to make sure you have Up Next list turned on in settings too.

The content shown in the Top Shelf area of the Apple TV Home Screen should match the top row you see in Infuse when the app is open.

As @munpip214 mentioned, if this row is missing then it may be turned off (enable in Infuse > Settings > Up Next List). It may also be hidden if it’s empty (start watching some videos to get items in the Watching list to appear).

@James I have Up Next List turned on, and when I’m in Infuse, it’s working, but I still see nothing when I’m on the AppleTV home screen.

Here’s what I see in Infuse:

Here’s what I see on the AppleTV Home Screen:

This probably doesn’t matter but is this the free version or an active subscription to the pro features?

Active pro subscription.

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Okay, another question. Is the Infuse in the top shelf version 7 or 6? Do you have both versions on the same ATV?

Again, this may be a goose chase but what you’re seeing is really strange and it’s got me curious. :wink:

Previously answered :slight_smile:

Saw that above, just looking to double check.

Edit to add, I’ve lost an earlier version on the ATV when I drug it to a folder with other apps and forgot it was there.

Also curious as to what happens when you drag Infuse off the top shelf and restart the ATV then drag it back to the top shelf.

I’ve only ever had infuse 7 installed.

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Thanks for double checking. Let us know if removing Infuse from the top shelf then restarting the ATV and then putting Infuse back on the top shelf has any affect.

I did the remove and restart procedure, and it didn’t make any difference unfortunately.

Can you try installing today’s 7.2 update?

This has a few fixes for Top Shelf on Apple TV, which could help.

No change after updating to 7.2. Installed the update and then rebooted the appletv.

Would you mind sending in a report from Infuse and posting the code here?

Sure thing! Code ER20Q

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