Show item as download, have playback preference for local file if available (direct mode)

Dear @James & team, loving the new direct mode, this has gone a long way to addressing quite a few issues (specifically duplicate entries in library mode).

Any chance we can take this one step further and add the following features:

1 - When a file is downloaded (ie local file exists that is the same as server), the “direct” mode item shows with a visual marker to let me know it is downloaded. Screen shot of how Plex marks it:

1.1 - This is already possible with a little work around, when you try to download again it asks how you want to address the conflict. So the logic exists, would be nice for this to show up proactively.


2 - Add the option to preference any downloaded files, rather than streaming. This just makes sense, if the file exists locally, why waste network resources streaming it.

Thanks for the consideration & hope it wouldn’t be a large amount of work for a great improvement to the product.

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