Show info and metadata for Serie 9-1-1


Have an apple 4K for a almost 2 weeks now and have been playing with plex and infuse back and forth.
Winner for me is Infuse because it plays it all, but I have a plex connection for the media and that is fine.

But I want to stop using the plex server and use NFS to get to the data on my NAS .
Also that is working but not all shows get their info and data then.

Like serie 9-1-1 (2018) I have named show 9-1-1 like plex does, even 9-1-1 (2018) but the icon remains just grey with the folder icon in it.
Same goes for Britannia, Castle Rock, Chigago P.D., Light as a feather, Marvel’s agent of shield, Sorry for your loss.

How can that be, If I go to the tvdb website the show is there, same name as I have but no info is being pulled.

What can I do to get the data?

PS: I also had this issue before the problems at tvdb

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Check out the tacked thread at the top of the forum Issues with TV show metadata fetching - Updated 1/11/20

Was that also two weeks ago the case?
I updated my post that I had this since the beginning.

thetvdb has had a few issues in prior weeks but I couldn’t say for sure if it’s the sole reason for your problems. I do know that if you have the year following the name of the tv series and before the season/episode info often that will cause Infuse to think it’s a movie and it won’t look to thetvdb for metadata.

If you provide a sample of each series file name I’ll see if we can figure it out. I’m not having any issues with many of the ones you have listed but without knowing how your files are named it’s just a guess.


Seriefolder name is : 9-1-1 and episodes are named with SonarrV3 and placed in season folders.
Filename : 9-1-1 - S01E01 - Pilot - MeGusta - HDTV-720p.mkv

Seriefolder name is : Britannia and episodes are named with SonarrV3 and placed in season folders.
Filename : Britannia - S01E01 - Episode 1 - sh0w - HDTV-1080p.mkv

Seriefolder name is : Castle Rock and episodes are named with SonarrV3 and placed in season folders.
Filename : Castle Rock - S01E01 - Severance - NTb - WEBDL-1080p.mkv

Castle Rock and Britannia are working for me here.

911 had quite a few different matches, so I did have to go in and select the correct title manually (using the Edit option).

Don’t know if you’ve seen the tacked thread about thetvdb but their back but not quite 100% yet and it takes some time for everything to get distributed to their servers so give it a day or two more and then try the edit metadata and see if they don’t show up correctly. Let me know if it doesn’t and we’ll hammer on it a bit.

Well even if I choose the right show with meta edit then the serie folder remains a folder icon with no show icon. Other show do. 911 does not.
I will keep it on Plex for now until it works as it should.

Does it appear correctly if you browse via the Library?