show/hide menu items missing in Beta 7, or am I just missing them?

Updated to Beta 7 the other day as well as did a fresh install of Beta 7 on my 2nd unit. Can’t for the life of me find the show/hide menu items option now. 

Was this removed or am I just missing it? My 1st unit still has Movies/TV shows hidden from the front screen as I never use them, but I can’t figure out how to hide them on the 2nd unit, messed around with both of them and just can’t find it, can’t see anything in the notes as to it being removed either. /shrug.




This feature has been removed for the time being as it’s not yet compatible with the new 4.3 software.

Sorry for any confusion.

If you install nitoTV then you can use taht to get a version of Overflow that has recently been updated to work with iOS4.3, and use that to show/hide menu items.