show/hide menu function no longer there????


I recently removed the “music” menu from the Atv2 menu because I could stream
my music from my hard drive through the manage extras section show/hide
function.  I now wish to bring it back as I have iMatch on itunes but the
show/hide function no longer is available in the manage extras section.  Is
there a way to get “Music” back on the opening menu screen.


If you’re running AppleTV 4.4.4 or earlier the ‘Show/Hide Menus’ menu will be listed under the Maintenance --> Settings menu.

Your right it should be under maintenance/settings but in my apple tv this is what I have:


Settings -

manage backups
Backup type
Main clock menu
Submit diagnostic info
Relaunch apple tv

No show/hide menu is listed?!?

I am running apple tv 4.4.4 (3330)

The most recent Maintenance / Media player update has also removed this option from my AppleTV. Running 4.4.4 (3330) on ATV2

Same here… I hope you can escalate this issue.  I had hidden the ‘computers’ menu and now I’m trying to fix a problem with home sharing (can’t get the slideshow to connect to my iphoto library), so I thought maybe I should re-enable the computers menu.  BUT … no menu item to show/hide is on my ATV2 anymore.  So apparently the recent update removed the menu item even though I’m still on the older iOS and had used it before to hide a menu.

Really hoping I don’t have to restore/rejailbreak/install to get this working right.


Sorry about that. The the missing Show/Hide Menus option was minor oversight on our part.

Should be fixed in the new 1.4.1-21 version of Maintenance which will be live in the next few minutes.

Thanks James, Updated this morning, I am listening to iMatch as we speak.  You do great work, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Just upgraded to the 4.4.4 and now the Maintenance menu item is completely gone.  All plugins are gone as well.  Has anyone reported this problem???

If you have upgraded the iOS version, have you re-installed ATV Flash and/or any third party apps?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t see the SHOW/HIDE Menu option on my ATV2 jailbroken with the latest version of Seas0npass running firmware 5.0. I’ve searched in the MAINTENANCE and SETTINGS areas. Is there something I’m overlooking?

What I am not sure of is if the this is available for iOS version 5.0 or not.

The Show/Hide option is only available on AppleTV 4.4.4 and earlier. Version 5.0 uses a new organization structure, and hiding menus is not currently supported.

OK, that makes sense, thank you James.

It was the screenshot of the MEDIA button in the top row replacing TV SHOWS that was confusing me. How do I move MEDIA to the top row?

To allow Media to appear in the top row you will need to hide one of the normal top row items. This can be done through the Parental Controls menu.

A bit more info on doing this can be found here.