Show HDR when choose version of the file


It would be great if when you hit “choose version” it would also show if the content is HDR.

This way it would be easier to differentiate which version we want to play.

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Is there any chance that this will be included in some version in the future?

Thank you very much!

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You probably want to elaborate what you mean here. Where can you do “choose version”? Infuse will only use the highest quality file.

Show version is available with plex when you have multiple files of the same title

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When you have 2 or more files that matches one episode or movie. It shows a pop up to choose it.

In this case one of them is 1080p HDR and the other aren’t. It would be nice to see if it’s HDR/DV in this pop up

In this case , the movie 4K is easy to know what it’s HDR , but not all the 4K are HDR.