Show folders that can not be indexed by TvDB

I have an issue with some content.

I have downloaded some YouTube channels and added them to my tv series collection. Of course they can not be index with TVDB, etc. That is ok.

Only problem is that because they can not be indexed, they don’t show up in my list of content to play.

I would like the option to enable/disable the displaying of folders that can not be indexed with a scraper. Just show the files. That’s fine.

Now I have no option to play the content at all.

You can add a favorite to that folder so you can access it but don’t have to try to put it in your library. You can also tell infuse to not get metadata for that folder too.

But I want it on my librabry anyway. :slight_smile:

How can i tell infuse not to get meta data for that folder? I can’t seem to find where that option is hidden on the Apple TV.

You need to press and hold on the folder and select use local metadata

Ok, that I found.

So, I can only see this folder now, when I add it to my favorites. It is in the same folder as the other content, but does not show up in my tv series library, where it is stored with other content. The only option to see it, to add it as an extra location and to my favorites?