Show file size and path as metadata

please include file size as part of the metadata, may’ve just next to the duration


+1 To this.

I was just searching for this, yet again… you know what really grinds my gears? When ya have two files of the same movie in your infuse, and you know you want to play a certain file based on size (like that sweet sweet 4K77 project) but infuse does such a good job of displaying pretty artwork and movie meta, you can’t tell the difference without the files sizes showing in metadata! Grrr. Please ping me if anyone knows a workaround.

It would be nice to see the file size of a Movie when clicking on it, next to the resolution and length would be a good place.

It would be handy to know if I can stream a movie with my current connection or I need to download it first.


It would be great to see the filesize in the movie/episode detail screen. It would help with estimating if you have enough space left on your iPad to download the episode or how long it will approximately take to download the episode.

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This isn’t just a Mac version suggestion, but it’d be great to be able to access the full path of a file (I’d like this on the ATV version too).

I’ve got a few episodes of shows that I can’t figure out where they are stored (which directory of which drive) when I look in my drives, but there it is in Infuse. It’d be handy to have that extra info.


I would mind the ability to see file size too.

Sometimes I realize I have two copies of the same show and when they’re the same format, it’d be nice to know the size. Or after watching something, I’m trying to decide if I want to keep it or not and it’d be nice to know if it’s 8GB or 75GB in size.

How can I display the file path, i.e. the storage location of the film, in Infuse for Mac?

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In your home/Movies/Infuse folder :blush:

nope jrmec, its somewhere deep in my synology server. But I don’t know the exact path.



Sorry, currently there isn’t a way to show the full path to a file in Infuse. You can see the full file name and the share it’s stored on the pre-playback screen if that helps any.

On the mac it’s just as easy for me to just use the spotlight search for the filename to find the full path for videos.

Hi NC_Bullseye,

thank you for your response.

I know Spotlight Search on the Mac.
Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to set up Spotlight Search for my server properly, so that results are displayed as quickly as for data directly on the Mac.

I was already able to display the file name, but unfortunately not the share on the Mac.

Pretty self explanatory

Maybe we can add file/folder/iso size data

at the bottom of the details page

I would love to have this feature as well.

Also, when downloading, Infuse should preallocate storage and show error if downloading wouldn’t fit.

could we have the length of files info too?
Somewhere to file name and other infos place.

Are you asking for length in time or file size in bytes?

Sorry, file sizes.

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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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You can use custom local artwork to differentiate (available at TMDB; I know because I uploaded some there myself).

Also, or alternatively, you can use local .nfo to change the movies’ displayed titles (“Star Wars”, “Star Wars 4K77”).

Hello there

Just wanted to chip in and would love to see the file size on the movie info.

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