Show file name or title name in the grid

Sorry maybe this has been answered before, but since there is no search in this forum…

Are the movie file names or title from metadata supposed to be displayed under each icon (thumbnail)?
I only get the title/name shown under the currently selected movie.
I have show file names on under settings.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Search is here:

Is this iOS or tvOS?
You posted in tvOS forum, I assume on apple TV. Are you looking at favorites view or Library view?

TvOS and for both favourites and lib view pls

So, any idea if infuse can show the file names or the movie titles under each poster/thumbnail?

I am seeing filenames show up everywhere for me when the setting is turned on. Do you have file management turned on? Maybe try force quitting or toggling the settings.

I only get the file name showing up for the currently selected movie in the grid.
Also getting the folder names showing up under each folder in the grid.

Have both Show File Names and File Management options on.
Tried turning them on/off, makes no difference. I can see if I can attach an screen shot.

oh, I think I know what you are asking. you want the file name to show for every thumbnail? for me it only shows the currently selected too.

Yes exactly, prefer the movie title to show for every movie (file name as a fail case).
At least have an option.
Posters are a little hard to read when you’re trying to find a movie by name. And there is no way to search.

Well you may like list view (coming in 4.3). there you get to see every name and only when selected does it show info and artwork.