Show external device name on Mac

I am going to raise a situation that I think may be common and that unfortunately Infuse does not contemplate but that I think is very easy to add:
My video library is spread across many external USB drives. To have the library in Infuse I have been connecting and adding the disks as local folders on the Mac. In Infuse, even if you have the disks disconnected from the Mac, you can browse and consult the entire library through Home option.
But, and here comes the problem, if you look at the details of a movie and want to play it, YOU DON’T KNOW what external drive it is on, you only know the name of the file and that it is on the Mac. I cannot have ALL the drives connected simultaneously.
I think it is necessary that in addition to informing you that the movie is on the Mac, Infuse informs you on which device (disk name) within the Mac it is stored so that before playing it you connect the device to the Mac.

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