Show entry exists in TVDB but Infuse can't find it

Hi, I’ve got an issue where a show exists in TheTVDB but Infuse doesn’t pick up the entry.

I’ve tried everything to get it to work but it simply won’t pick up.

The show is called “Da Capo III” and here is a list of search terms I’ve tried to make it appear with no success

I’ve tried all abbreviations that the show can be called including Da Capo III, 〜ダ・カーポ III〜, Da Kāpo III and D.C. III
I’ve tried searching with the Series ID on TVDB which is “264524” but still with no luck

The only thing I can think of with this is that the IMDB page link on TVDB is for Da Capo II (Second Season) with IMDB not actually having an entry for the 3rd series.

However, this does not explain why I am having the same issue with a series called “Kanokon” but with this one, an IMDB page does exist.

My set up is Infuse on MacOS (Apple Silicon), iOS and TVOS. I use Google Drive to store my media.

Can anyone give me any recommendations please?

First, Infuse now uses TMDB for all metadata. Here is the page that has the seasons for “Da Capo” and it appears that season 5 is called “Da Capo III” so you’ll need to name the files “Da Capo S05E0x.mkv” to get it to pull the correct metadata.

Here’s the page on TMDB that shows the seasons.

Infuse no longer uses TheTVDB for TV show information.

It now uses TMDB ( for both Movies and TV show information.

Unfortunately I cannot see that show’s entry on TMDB, so someone would need to load the entries for the show to IMDB in order for Infuse to be able to recognise the TV show.

Edit: And NC_Bullseye has given you the better answer.