Show edition/cut details when using Play Version

Thank you for updating the Select Version options. Adding the “Ask” option will solve most of my issues with multiple versions in Infuse.

However, listing the versions by the bitrate, doesn’t really help a user to decide. Adding the audio format will help in some cases, but what really needs to be shown is a description of some sort. I realize the PEJ don’t supply the metadata to describe the versions, but surely the addition of the word “Extended”, “Director’s Cut”, or “Unrated” in the title would be enough to add relevant data to the version list. Maybe if the title of the file contained the description in quotation marks (or some other character) like, Aliens"Theatrical".mp4 and Aliens"Special Edition".mp4, Infuse could display that in the version selection list.

I recall someone on the forum stating that Versions are not intended for different cuts, but surely it could be with some minor changes.

Yes, displaying info for things like tags is a bit outside how these servers intend this feature to be used, as merged versions should all be the same…but I can understand some may want to use this feature in other ways. We would need to investigate what kinds of details are available to access, but chances are this is not straightforward.

As an example, even with tags included in the filenames Plex presents merged versions of Blade Runner as a single edition, with no other details shown when using the Play Version feature.

Maybe there are cases where this is false, but with my Jellyfin server the results are in alphabetical order. This means with a consistent naming scheme you can pick the right one without showing the tags/names (Directors, Extended, Special all come before Theatrical for example).

This update is so great for me because previously I was just double foldering alternate editions so they were visible in Infuse. Now I can re-combine them and still access the alternate versions!

Also, if anyone doesn’t always name their files “- 4K” or “- HD” this appears to be required for the multiple versions to be picked up by Infuse (Jellyfin always showed them no matter what I named them). For some of my movies I just had “- Theatrical” or “- Extended”, these entries were not picked up as selectable versions. Adding the resolution to the end fixed it.

It appears I may have spoke too soon.

With the Play Version set to “Ask” it does allow you to select the version, but only once. Once you have selected the version, it will never ask again and you will never be able to play the alternate version.

Maybe the options should be:
Ask Once
Ask Always
Highest Quality
Lowest Quality

...the results are in alphabetical order. 

It appears that this is true with Plex as well.

Thanks. Very helpful.

Pressing play a second time will remember the version that was previously selected.

If you want to select a different version you can long-press on the Play button.

Thanks James.

I would think there would be a way to use the edition tags for this, especially since the link JellyFin documentation in the 7.8 announcement explicitly includes how to handle multiple cuts of the same movie, so I think they should be used here.

I personally liked the older way where all the version were listed on the movie’s page in Infuse and you could select from there rather than long pressing play and getting a bunch of file type metadata rather than “Director’s Cut” or “Extended Cut” for those labelled as such. For me at least, this new long press feature feels like a step backwards in both UI and UX.