Show current time and movie end time

It is embedded in the native player. With custom players developers can choose to keep it (PLEX) or remove it (INFUSE).

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+1 - love this idea

Thanks for considering this.

Glad this is finally coming soon!

I suggest that Infuse, Like many other video players, on ATV gets the feature where if you are watching a video and tap the touchpad it will show how long is back of the movie as it does already, but if you then tap it again it will switch to show you the time of the day and at what time the video will end (look at picture).

See pictures below from NetFlix:
2 tap shows at what time the movie will end

(I live in Denmark therefor the clock is 24hours… right now the clock is 20:51 and the movie will end at 21:41)

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This is available in today’s 7.0.2 update.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I have 7.0.3 and dont see time, when movie ends.

You have to tap twice. If you are too close to the end it won’t show though. That’s how other apps work too

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No, dont see. Lates iOS on 4K 2021.

What do you see when you tap the touchpad twice quickly?

This, same, as tap and hold.

Are you using the Siri remote or an aftermarket?

Ah, now I see it, but must realy fast double tap;)

So, suggestion - add permanent end time, like -16:28 (23:48), or so, like on Kodi.

EDIT: Original Siri remote from 4K 2021

In the ATV settings under Remotes and Devices, what do you have set for the
Touch Surface Tracking? Just curious if this may come into play.

I use medium, when I set high, double tap work better.

That’s interesting! I use “Slow” and for me it seems to work great. Maybe one needs to adjust it to their personal brain speed. LOL

I tested it and “problem” is animation. If you make second tap before showing progress bar, it is ignored. If I wait to animation end and then make second tap, it is OK.

Edit: Now I see, that it is not Infuse function, but iOS? On aTV app it is same function.

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