Show collections in movie content page

Currently Infuse only show other movies of the same collection in movie content page IF you enter from collection row or “All Movies” (if collection enable in setting).

It’s pretty annoying that I can’t see other movies of the same collection in content page if I enter from newest or recently added for example.

I would like to see other movies of the same collection in movie detail page no matter where you enter from.


So to clarify, you want to be able to add a list of other movies in the collection that this one is part of (if it is a part of a collection) on the pre-playback screen where it shows the synopsis and actors, producers, etc and the video specs like resolution and audio specs?

Maybe a new row below the Actors that shows other members of that collection?

Yes, pretty much just what plex does

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Or, if UI real estate is an issue, display a single clickable icon of the poster or graphic for the collection that the currently viewed title is a member of, which leads to the relevant collection page when selected.

Speaking of collection update in 7.4, I hope @james will consider add this feature.
It’s really annoying that very often when I go to the pre-play screen, I’m not sure if I own or watched other movies in that collection (movie series), so I have to go back and find the collection under the collection row in home screen.

This has gotten more challenging in 7.4+ as a movie/show can now be included in more than one collection.

The way things are set up now, Infuse will show other movies from the category you are browsing in the lower shelf area of the details page.