Show black episode thumbnail instead of blurred (when using Hide Spoilers)

The “hide spoilers” function for episodes could have an alternative “black picture” instead of a blurry effect.

You’ll have a much better chance of getting support if you keep each suggestion thread to one suggestion.

Support is judged by the number of likes on the first post in each suggestion thread and if there are more than on suggestion in a thread users can’t show support for only one.

The title should reflect the idea of suggestion like “Option for Hide Spoilers to be Black Instead of Blurred”


Suggest OP update the title of this thread to this (and edit first post to match), and then create a second post (following the same guidelines) for their second suggestion (which isn’t a bad idea and one I’d certainly throw a “like” toward).

Hiding unwanted UI elements (and rearranging existing ones to suit a users personal preferences, in theory, shouldn’t take much additional work; given the ability to hide and re-order specific UI elements has already been written into the app as shown by the user being able to do this presently on the Infuse Home Screen (assuming the foundation of the underlying codebase is robust enough).


A post was split to a new topic: Hide cast/crew row

I’ve edited this thread, and created a second thread here.