Shouldn't it be easier to install Boxee??

I have read every forum, done every suggestion, patched all kids of things and I still get Cannot launch Boxee from path. I have used Fugu to see the ATV and none of it says anything about Boxee? Tech Support!!! :slight_smile: Really, any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m about to give up. Thanks.

Select Update from the XBMC/Boxee menu. Then select the only Boxee item that is listed there.

Once that completes you can launch Boxee.

Um… since this is a paid application and not freeware like atvusb_creator, don’t you think you could include all necessary apps like boxee and usb external harddrive so that we won’t have to. Maybe consider this as a suggestion for future updates, because right now I feel foolish for buying this when all I want is boxee, dvd, all vid codec, and external hd access.


I patched my AppleTV several months ago with ATV Flash and everything works fine, however at the time I chose not to include Boxee (the reason why escapes me)!

I have now decided that I would like to give Boxee a go, is there anyway to install after the fact (i.e. not using a USB flash drive) say via FTP or whatever.

What files do I need, where would I need to put them and where do I get them from?

Thanking you in anticipation

Yes you can install the XBMC/Boxee Launcher manually, but it requires you know some Unix stuff, or at least be able to understand the instructions and copy and paste commands. You can find instructions here: