Should I wait? ATV2 question...


I can’t seem to get a definitive answer by reading other posts, so I figure I should just post here and ask straight out.

I have an ATV2, now with firmware 5.0 (4099) installed.  I got my ATV2 for Xmas and I absolutely LOVE it.  I hadn’t wanted to jailbreak it right away, just wanted to play with it for a while and see how it went.  As it turns out, I only discovered your site a couple days AFTER I upgraded to this version of the firmware, so I’m a bit confused as to whether or not your software is good to go for this version.  The jailbreaking thing is new to me, as I haven’t ever done this to an Apple device.  I haven’t had a reason to do it to my phone, but I see no reason whatsoever NOT to do it to the ATV.  The way my extensive home network is setup (gigabit ethernet, 2 NAS devices, PS3, several computers, etc etc), this would be the ideal way to stream my content and never look back, probably buying at least one more ATV for my other TVs.

Anyway, I’m sorry I rambled there a bit…but the bottom line is, I’m ready to go…is your software ready to go?  I don’t want to run into any pitfalls of bricking my device, and like I said, I just couldn’t figure out the current status and what I should do.  Please let me know…my money is burning a hole in my pocket and it’s yours as soon as I can find out what’s up.  LOL

Thanks guys!!!  Great work here…I’m really excited to start using it on my device.  :-)


A 5.0 compatible update is in the works, and will be available soon.

You won’t break anything if you try to run Seas0nPass with your current version, it will just tell you it’s not supported.

Ok, thanks!

Just thought of another question.  When I install SeasonPass and ATV Flash, will it go back to the old interface structure or will the current one stay in place?

aTV Flash (black) will match whatever AppleTV version you’re running.

AppleTV 4.4.4 and earlier = original, linear style

AppleTV 5.0 and later = newer, icon style

Hey, thanks James!

I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend.  Very excited to get this installed.  



Hi all!

Well, OK. I am in the same situation. IOS 5.0 (4099) so it looks like there is no way to jailbreak it right now …

But the last message from TheGreatHilario confused me a bit…When you say you were going to try it out on the weekend what were you about to try? You managed to jailbreak it somehow :slight_smile:


If not, if I’ll have to wait…then I will…Just hope it won’t take too long :slight_smile:


Hi All again!


Any news on this? I have to say that the device without jailbreak is not that cool :[

What exactly are you asking for? A TETHERED SeasonPass jailbreak of the ATV2 running 5.0 firmware has been available for a little while now, as has the ATV Flash release to go with it. If it was an UNTETHERED jailbreak for an ATV2 running 5.0 firmware then that has still not materialised although there are now hopeful signs that one is possible.

For the ATV3 still no sign of any jailbreak.