Should I upgrade to 11.3 yet?

Is there a ‘known issues’ post somewhere for outstanding problems with 11.3? I’m a bit confused now if I want to upgrade yet as there seems to be serious issues with audio and hdr as I scan the forum… but complete info doesn’t seem easy to find?

Hi, In my case, if I have the opportunity to rollback to TVOS 11.2, I will !

Issue with DTS in “passthrough”, noise in the speakers, been forced to set the audio output to “AUTO”, so DTS appears now as “LPCM”…

Issue with HDR movies played in SDR mode, (I have a YAMAHA rx-a 3030 AV Amp, and it’s not able to carry 4K HDR, only 4K. So I Put the Video output to “4K SDR”, but since TVOS 11.3 colors appears not as vibrant as they were in TVOS 11.2)

Hopefully, Infuse Team will correct these issues in a upcoming release.

This bug also appears in the Apple-provided “Computers” app, so, even though the Infuse team could find a workaround, it is more than likely something only Apple can solve (and for sur something Apple should solve).
I am bewildered that Apple left this bug in the final tvOS 11.3 release.

I have updated by mistake to 11.3 beta just a bit after 11.2.5 went official and I still regret that mistake. The audio passthrough has gone. The HDR colours seemed somehow better (especially in Netflix which is nightmare). And I am not sure what 11.3 is supposed to improve either. If I could roll back to 11.2.5 I’d do it immediately!

What about dtshd and truehd? Is infuse still decoding these under the hood and outputting pcm as before when in auto mode?

Yes, Auto mode still works fine - and is actually the recommended option anyways.