Should I upgrade my aTV from 2.1 to 3.0.2?


I’ve had my aTV running the 2.1 software for quite some time; I’m using an older version of aTVFlash, as well. Things are mostly working although the external USB drive has a tendency to disappear which usually causes the aTV (and the iMac on which it is mounted via AFP) to hang. Simply turning it off and on usually fixes thing.

However, time marches on and I notice that aTV 3.0.2 is now out; they’ve changed the UI and enabled a bunch of features. aTVFlash is also advancing with later versions of Couch Surfer, Flip4Mac, Perian and probably other tools (I upgraded NitoTV using its own updater). So I’m wondering if it makes sense to upgrade either the aTV or aTVFlash or both; can I use the latest aTVFlash on my 2.1 system? Do I get anything awesome with 3.0.2 that would make upgrading it worth any potential pain? I’m always mindful of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage so I figured I’d ask those who are running later stuff what they think.

I have a bunch of content on the aTV internal drive and a bunch more on the external but none of it is irreplaceable. But it will take a huge amount of time to get it all back there. I have some data in Sapphire I’d like not to lose and some other settings it would be good to preserve. If I do upgrade, what is the best way to preserve things?

Thanks for any advice.

The upside of upgrading is you get the new UI from Apple.

The downside, no flash in couchsurfer, read here:

And then some small stuff if you go to 3.0.2, read here:

So, like you said “if it aint broken, don’t fix it” might be valid here. So it is up to you.