should i update to ATV5.3 and FireCore 2.3

currently my atv sw is at 5.01 and firecore is at 2.2.


Should i update it to atv5.3 and firecore 2.3?  what am i gaining and what are the steps?

IMHO I would stay at your current version

take a look at this thread: Apple TV Version Info (updated 7/2)


I would stay with the untethered version, that in itself is a good reason to stay at your current version.

I would suggest you stay with it. I made the terrible mistake of purchasing lifetime subscription, upgrading to atv 5.3 and firecore 2.3 and this is what happened…

a) PLEX is gone.

b) Infuse completely sucks… after every few minutes of playing a video from my HDD that is connected to my iMac, it starts buffering. 

c) It goes unresponsive and hangs after some time. I had to jailbreak again and again after reseting. 


Finally, I abandoned the whole darn thing. I upgraded my atv to recently released ios 7. So i am back in the so called “walled garden”. And as for viewing my media … I use Airplay capability and play it using AirVideo through my phone or ipad. 

It is quite disappointing that a paid version of the software, requires one to don a maintenance suit and tinker under the hood to figure out how to fix the darn thing. 

Honestly, its not worth the time, effort or the money … 

I am hoping that once Firecore gets a jailbreak for ios 7 in a untethered mode, i might reconsider coming back. Coz i do like XBMC and Plex very much. But the headache involved is way too much … 

I would agree with #2 I am extremely dissapointed in Firecore and the latest update.

I too had to upgrade, paid for the lifetime upgrade because I couldn’t get a valid dowload to restore my current ATV2 so I decided to go ahead and update the ATV to 5.3, jailbreak again and install Frecore 2.3 and now I am left with an ATV2 that doesn’t work.

We opted to jailbreak so we could view movies that were stored on an external HD hooked up to our Airport Extreme without needing a separate computer with iTunes. This latest update has caused the ATV2 to kick us out of several movies that were playing just fine before. I knew I couldn’t unplug the ATV2 like I had done before to reset the device, and I was under the impression that as long as the ATV2 remained plugged in we wouldn’t have any trouble. (i.e. tethered boot)

So … instead of unplugging the device I opted to “restart” it from the settings menu. I made sure I didn’t select “reset” for fear I would have to go through the whole PAINFUL upgrade process. Well, after restarting the ATV2 I’m left with a blank screen, it wont start back up, I’m assuming it will require another tethered boot up witch is an insane process for us. I have to move our MacPro tower into the living room and procede with a tethered boot. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, had I known this was goint to happen I certainly would NOT have upgraded.

I don’t know why you guys are mad at Firecore. Updating to firecore 2.3 didn’t cause your problems, upgrading to 5.3 did. It’s been known for years what a tethered boot is, so why did you do it if it’s going to be a hassle? Did you save your signatures before upgrading?.. NO?!.. shame on you because that’s been covered many times too. If you did save them, then go back to your erlier firmware.


uuhh, let me just correct you there. I have ATV 4.4.4 + 2.3 and I have all the issues the poster has so not sure if your info is correct.

The other issues is resume fails to work at ALL.

I too paid for a lifetime subscription as the app/jailbreak was good. In fact it was solid as a rock under plex. Now it totally pants and sometimes just unwatchable.


My factual 2$ worth.

If this was a free version, i could live with all the grief it gives … but for heavens sake its a paid version… that ought to count for something. You cant charge customers and then elope like this.



Sorry, after re-reading the thread I see now that your problem is the 2.3 upgrade and not the atv upgrade. I’d delete my comment but your quoting me prevents that.


No worries…I won’t hold it against you ;). Can remove the quote anyways… editor won’t give me the option.

I’m just having to rejailbreak and reinstall the firmware.  The sad thing is that when you go to download the files, you automatically get upgraded.  There doesnt seem to be any way to access older firmwares.  I do have some stored somewhere but that was from my pre-firecore days, and I don’t think I have the SHSH blobs stored in Tiny Umbrella, so basically its get whats here and dont even think about anything else.  For a while, what I was doing was airplaying Plex from my iDevices.  That worked pretty well and if this install goes south as the last one did (buffering +++ necessitating a reboot of not only the aTV but also the entire network) and now, I wanted to uninstall NitoTV but could not… couldnt update, could not even update the aTV firmware OTA, because there was just no space left on the device!!.  I only had Infuse, and NitoTV.  God help anyone who installs more.

Like some of you I also paid for the lifetime updates, but am now wondering why I bothered.  The last version prior to that was MUCH better than the current.  I think it was still aTVFlash-Black at that stage.  If this install turns out to be a dud too (I will only be installing Infuse and nothing else) then thats it for me, lifetime licence or not.  It becomes fairly meaningless when you cant use it effectively.  I think perhaps development went further than the hardware can cope with. Pfft.  Making the best of it for now.

[Edit] The other thing that started happening which has forced me to try (and fail so far) to restore/jailbreak, is that the media player was simply forgetting what I had watched.  Anyway, for whatever reason, I have completely been unable to jailbreak and restore with the new firmware so I have decided to abandon ship.  Not worth the hassle anymore.