Should I return my ATV3?

Today I impulsively bought an apple tv at the apple store after seeing all the great free movies and stuff he could do with his jailbroken one. I had no idea apple released this new one which is currectly unjailbreakable and so I am stuck with this apple tv for now. Is there likely to be a jailbreak for this new one or should i return it and buy the second gen? I heard this one has a better processor and 1080p support do the other generations lack this?

Just have a little patience, they will figure out a jailbreak and once they do the ATV3 will be the best media device on the planet.

Well I got two weeks to return it at apple but is a jailbreak likely in this time or should i just return and get a jailbroken older one. Is atv3 jailbroken going to be really that much better?

I hope they do my mrs got me one set it all up and everything for when I got in from work so taking it bk isn’t an option lol

Just be warned, if the ATV3 takes as long to Jailbreak as other A5 based devices then it could easily be months before a jailbreak is available. It is going to depend on how much of the jailbreak exploit found for the iPhone 4S as another A5 based device is applicable to the ATV3.

Well just incase no strides are made in time is there a website i can just order an already jailbroken ATV 2?

eBay is a good option. I would imagine they will be charging a premium for them though. Try and find a private individual who is unaware of the jailbreak situation and hasn’t upgraded the firmware to the latest. Good luck :slight_smile:

Take it back for now… @musclenerd