Should ATV Flash Black Media Player create a Trakt Library?

Hi all!

Should the media player create a library in Trakt of everything I have in my media libraries, or only of what I have watched?

If I watch, or mark as watched, a whole movie, it shows up in Trakt. However none of my other movies from my collection show up in my Library.

Here is a link to my profile -

I have 200+ movies showing up in my ATV Flash Black media player, all of which are showing cover art, so I assume are correctly labelled.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding how this works, but this thread - - implies to me that someone has been able to add a bunch of movies to their library on ATV, then mark them all as watched via Trakt (which is what I want to do). That's surely only possible if ATV can tell Trakt what is in its library, rather than just what has been watched?