Should 4.01 update show only 4.0 in About page?


I have been having issues with the new 4.01 atvflash update. I just downloaded the newest Win image from this site today (it states 4.01), but after installing on my atv…I go to the About page under Maintenance…and it still shows only atv flash 4. Is this correct? Or is the image old on the site? I can’t seem to do the xmbc update procedure mentioned on this site on how to update launcher from 3.2beta2 to 3.2beta3. And hence my xmbc doesn’t work :frowning: It crashes the finder everytime I try to reinstall xmbc via plugins menu (I uninstalled it as the procedure mentioned).

Any ideas?

If it shows 4.0 on the AppleTV, that is what’s installed.

You may try formatting your USB drive, and reinstalling aTV Flash again.