Shortcuts Support

Would love to see infuse incorporate shortcuts support. In particular I’d like to have a shortcut that plays a recent episode of a tv series or pick up where I left off in a movie.


The Up Next list should do that. Make sure you’ve enabled “Watching”.
This will appear at the top of the Infuse home screen, and also at the top of the iOS Home Screen if Infuse is a top-row app. Anything you’ve started playing but haven’t finished will be there. Also, any TV series you’re currently watching that has a new unwatched episode available will also appear there, ready to be played.

Would like to have the ability to use shortcuts to play a specific downloaded video from the beginning.

I’d like to request two valuable features that could significantly enhance the app:

1.	Shortcuts Integration: The addition of iOS Shortcuts integration would be a game-changer. It can save users time and offer streamlined control, allowing us to create custom workflows and execute actions with ease. This feature would align perfectly with Infuse’s commitment to user satisfaction.

2.	Background Refresh Option: An option to enable background refresh via Shortcuts would help address some Infuse-related issues. This would enhance the app’s overall performance and user experience.

These additions would not only make Infuse more efficient but also help resolve certain problems users encounter. Your consideration of these requests would be greatly appreciated.

Something that can be leveraged by Shortcuts is the existing API for Third-Party Apps & Services – Firecore Support via x-callback-url, but it of course only provides a limited set of actions. It’s worth mentioning for anyone who wants some bit of automation.