Shortcut to send current URL to Couch Surfer Pro?

I am browsing the web on my MacBook Pro and I come across a web page I want to display on my TV.

Today I bought aTVFlash for my 2nd gen AppleTV and installed it, hoping it can help with this basic desired workflow.

I would love if there was a Safari 5 extension, or a contextual menu item, or an Applescript, or javascript or whatever, that could be configured to let me “Send URL to Couch Surfer Pro.”  Even just a basic app that could send a URL from the clipboard would be good enough.  

Anything would be easier than having to manually retype the URL  In fact, such a solution would make the difference between me actually using Couch Surfer Pro, and just being happy knowing it’s installed. :wink:

Surely this is possible?  Some easy way to send a URL from my Mac to Couch Surfer Pro on the AppleTV?  

Thank you…


An interesting idea.

I’ll pass it along and see what we can do.

Thanks for the reply.  With the advent of AirPlay, and sending video from my iOS device or computer to the TV, it only makes sense that I’d want to be able to do the same with a web page… especially since aTVFlash has given me a nice browser on the TV.  But typing in lengthy URLs is a drag.  So much of a drag that I never do it.  

There’s gotta be a quick and easy way to send a URL from my Mac over to Couch Surfer Pro.  A feature like this would go a long way.  

Thanks for the consideration.  

true :slight_smile:

the two times i used couch surfer i wonderd, if it could be possible to use/sync firefox bookmarks.


anything but typing :slight_smile:

Something like this is what I am hoping for:

Please. Pretty please? Couch Surfer is begging for this.  This one ingredient will kickstart its relevance.  Folks will send the page (or HTML5 video) from their laptop to the big screen, no need to type tremendously long URLs, and joyous shouts of glee will echo across the land.