Short series in french added to TMDB ... but nothing appears in infuse


I m a pro and happy user of infuse and i recently wanted to add the DVD of short anims movies of my son to infuse.
I have added HI Res artwork, episodes contents … on above 10 mini series (outch), but none appears in infuse

Here they are :

(in French)

Everything updates just fine on plex apple TV, but not in infuse :frowning:
I wanted to move all my content from plex to infuse … but this problem do not allow me to do so

Please Help

Best regards


Since these were just added, there may have been a short delay before the details are available to apps like Infuse.

I’ve just tested a few of the titles here, and they seem to be working now so you may try using the Edit option in Infuse for any files still missing metadata/artwork in order to refresh the details from TMDb.

im afraid i do not have the same results. in the same root folder i ve got known anim series like “peppa pig” and metadata are well matching, but none of my TMDB creation match in infuse while they match 100% in plex. Id be pleased to send you logs if i knew how :slight_smile:

perhaps your tmdb setup is only for english language ??

Ah, I see some of these items were created as TV series.

Infuse currently uses TheTVDb for TV series info, so unfortunately TV series info added to TMDb will not be available in Infuse at this time. Sorry.

FWIW, any items created as movies will be available in Infuse. See attached.

Many thanks for yout time and feedback !!
The thing is that i have previously added about 4 of those to Tvdb and everything was deleted by admin telling me to add them to TMDB as they were not aired …

So i went to TMDB as recommended … :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Very frustrating. Couldn’ t it be possible to have advanced option to use TMDB for series as it is aleady the situation for movies ?

Is it linked with this planned evolution ?
“Add support for fetching hi-res TV show artwork from TMDb” … is so, in the near future ? :frowning:

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We’re planning to integrate limited fetching from TMDb for TV show data, so this may help with these particular series.

Great. Can’t wait :slight_smile:
Many thanks for the support